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Welcome to Mediversum Ltd.

Magánklinika látványterv - Mediversum


Our profession is planning and executing medical technology

Implementing health care facilities


Medical technology planning and consulting to work out the optimum professional program for implementing health care institutions, either in new or existing buildings


Equipping hospitals and health clinics as a general contractor on turnkey basis



The hospital is located in the ground and the first floors of an office centre, built in 1991. Due to the existing architectural structures, it was a big challenge to execute one of the highest quality medical institutes in our country in a nearly 1500 square metres of area.


The hospital is located in the second floor of a functioning shopping centre, therefore particular care was required in the course of the planning to comply with the existing mechanical system, namely the heavy-packed mechanical shafts and areas.


Based on our authorization and construction plan the clinic was established with the full reconstruction of the mezzanine-floor of an apartment house


The proposal considers the existing and the future functions and traffic connections, meanwhile assures an integrated and clear traffic system in the accessibility of the functions of the existing buildings and the new block.


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