Our firm, dealing with engineering services, was founded in January 1st 2008.


The main field of our activity is to establish health care institutions, including technological planning and consulting to settle a proper medical program to implement hospitals and different health clinics either in existing or new facilities.

We carry out the work in general designing construction covering the whole planning disciplines, or only in the scope of medical technology. Among our contracted partners we have well-known architectural designing companies having significant practice in planning of medical institutions in every discipline.


The other activity of our line is equipping hospitals and health clinics as a general contractor on turnkey basis. Within this we provide the necessary equipment, install it and ensure the indoctrination of the personnel.


Mediversum Ltd. is a project-oriented firm and effects the orders within team-work system.

In the course of executing our charge we established a wide range of relationship with professional discipline designers and equipment manufacturers in the field of medical technology, so we are able to work up the best contracted relations to fulfil the requirements.

Meanwhile we trained a number of experts in the field of hospital technology engineering and medical equipment advising. They are active participants in the health care investment market.


All our contracted colleagues have an outstanding knowledge and decades of practice concerning their professional discipline (architecture, structural, electric and building engineering etc.) as well as the necessary qualifications, authorisations and chamber certificates.


Mediversum Ltd. continually takes part in invitations to tender respecting to deliver medical equipment and supplies. Our awarded and realized investments worth billions.


Our firm dispones audited quality managing system proper to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for planning medical institutions as well as to supply and install the necessary devices, and for the transaction of health care investments.


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